Map of Nester

The campaign begins in the town of Nester, an old mining town once part of House Tharashk. Official use of the mine halted nearly two years ago.

The mine was never fully depleted, instead it was closed for other concerns. A series of cave-ins caused several injuries and when miners demanded higher pay for their efforts, House Tharashk deemed the mine unprofitable and work halted. This was a deathblow to Nester as mining was the towns major income, so most of the population left to find work elsewhere. Most who remain were either too old or too poor to move. Many Nester residents have turned to fishing or hunting to make ends meet, although the occasional visitor to the old mine brings in new coin for many of the establishments and craftsmen. These visitors are usually prospectors or adventures searching for undiscovered deposits of dragonshards, and while their gold is welcomed most are warned of the dangers of the mine. The lucky ones leave empty handed.

Despite the mines reputation and history <foreman> insists that there is another vein to tap somewhere, but he has been unable to convince many others. His calls for more resources from his superiors fall on deaf ears, there are safer places to invest their time and money. The rest of Nester are either unable or unwilling to help him so <foreman> is forced to recruit outside help.

Tension in the town have been rising over <foreman>’s efforts as they reach obsessions.

Now there’s even rumors of lights coming from deep within the tunnels, though no one has dared enter them for years.

Nester has a population of roughly 200 people, including the following noteworthy individuals:

Magistrate of Nester.

Captain of the town militia.

Proprietor of the tavern.

Local priestess of Avandra.

Crusty local stonemason.

Local blacksmith.

Local druid.

The campaign begins in the sleepy town of Nester, but how did you come to be here? This section describes some likely origin stories for your character. Once you’ve chosen or concocted a story for your character, you can begin to hash out the details with your DM.

You are a Nester local. Your family lives in town and either fishes, forages, tends a modest garden, or runs a small business. You are friends with just about everyone in town, although you’ve probably forged a very close bond with at least one of the individuals listed under Personalities of Nester (above).

YOU WORK FOR <foreman>
You are <foreman>’s assistant. This could be a recent or a long standing appointment. Alternatively you may have been a worker in the mine from the past or your parents were. In any of these cases, you know the history of the mine and have listened to <foreman>’s plans for many months.

If you are a human, half-orc or orc, you may choose to be part of House Tharashk, even have a dragonmark of your own and wish to make a name for yourself as <foreman> does.

House Tharashk rotates a garrison of guards in Nester for periods of the year. Usual duties are inspection of their remaining property, collection of foreman reports and occasionally patrols around the mines perimeter. Since Nester is all but forgotten about, results are usually not checked and most assigned to this task are greenhorns. Perhaps this guard duty no longer interests you, especially if greater riches can be found elsewhere?

Word of work from <foreman> has reached you and you are willing to help investigate the mines for dragonshards.

Your order has been notified of the problems in Nester. Local representatives feel unable to help and you have been asked to travel to Nester and help deal with any dangers there.


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